Follow the Money: Why Does Grassley Vote Like a Democrat? He has the Same Donors.

Grassley votes with the Biden agenda 54% of the time. He has an F rating on the Conservative Review along with prominent Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and AOC. His voting record literally paved the way for medical tyranny. He voted for Biden’s big spending bill, which only gave Iowans .00416% of the total bill in exchange for stealing 11.13% of every dollar they earn. He served Blue Cross Blue Shield, his #1 donor in recent years and who also has profited significantly from ObamaCare by vowing NOT to repeal ObamaCare despite it hurting Iowans and seniors. Google and big tech companies are among his top 20 donors and he has voted to protect their ability to censor and silence Americans instead of protecting your fundamental right to free speech. 

The list goes overwhelmingly on. After forty-one years in the Washington swamp, Chuck Grassley is not one of us. He has had six decades to turn it around. He hasn’t yet, and he’s not about to. 

And with most everything surrounding the corruption of Washington elite politicians, the answer is to follow the money. 

Besides their F Liberty Scorecard ratings, what else does Chuck Grassley have in common with prominent Senate Democrats? The answer: their donor lists. 

In 2020, Grassley & Chuck Schumer both received sizable donations from Google and Blue Cross Blue Shield (the company who has profited significantly from ObamaCare to the detriment of working Americans and seniors.) Grassley and AOC share the donor of Google as well, with AOC’s records showing the money came from Alphabet Inc. which is the parent company of Google. Grassley and Nancy Pelosi got cozy together in the pockets of Alphabet / Google, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Comcast. Grassley and Elizabeth Warren both received donations from Alphabet / google and Blue Cross Blue Shield. And it wouldn’t be a true Grassley and friends get together without inviting Mitch McConnell, who received a large donation from Blue Cross Blue Shield as well. (No wonder Chuck Grassley was so confident that Republicans will not be repealing ObamaCare if they take the Senate in November.)

See the 2020 donation records Here. 

Certainly some crossover is to be expected with donations, depending on party affiliations or committee assignments, but it is truly concerning that massive liberal leaning corporations like Google would be among Grassley’s top 20 donors, if indeed you prefer Grassley to be voting in line with conservative principles.

Why are Grassley and these prominent Senate Democrats in the pockets of some of the same major donors? Their voting records answer that question. And the message is clear: Grassley is for sale. And that means you are too.

Grassley’s votes have limited your ability to have affordable, free market healthcare options.

They have paved the way for the medical tyranny Americans have faced these past two years. 

Grassley votes protected big tech censorship over your fundamental right of free speech.

On Grassley’s watch, much of our nation’s agriculture has become monopolized and is now under foriegn control. 

Grassley’s votes have handed over your rights, prosperity, and your children’s futures to big pharma, big tech, and big government.

After the tyranny and oppression Americans have faced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that if we have any chance of saving our nation, we cannot continue handing over our freedoms to the political elite. Enough is enough. If freedom is to endure, we cannot continue to elect those who have failed to keep it. There is too much at stake. 

We know our nation is headed in the wrong direction. The Senator we have, is the Senator who got us here. Chuck Grassley is not the answer: he’s a big part of the problem. Stand up to tyranny by voting out the very people who have caused it. As Steve Deace wrote when he endorsed my campaign, “Grassley has had six decades to put a stop to this evil, and instead he has too often enabled it. We don’t have any more time as a culture to feed his ego and fulfill his family tree. We have a civilization to save, which is I’m endorsing Jim Carlin to hopefully help us save it.” 

Vote for your freedoms. Vote for your children. Vote for the future of this great nation- a nation we love so dearly, but that desperately needs We the People to rise up and change the direction it is headed. I believe we are all here for such a time as this. The currency of the ruling political elite is control. Vote to reclaim the voice of We the People in the political process. Vote Jim Carlin for U.S Senate on June 7th. 

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