Fighting the Battle for Free Speech

There are a handful of people in the United States more powerful than the leader of the free world. Two of them silenced the President of the United States. Another controls the planet’s largest search engine with the power to decide what we can find in the world’s largest library.

No man. No Woman. No Monopoly should have that kind of power in the world’s greatest democracy. This past election they proved something that should chill the spine of anyone who takes seriously the Bill of Rights. This handful of people has the wherewithal to silence whoever they please and to stifle the free exchange of ideas. They have dominion over what we are allowed to see, to hear, to read; the power to tell us what we are allowed to think.

No tech monopoly should have the power to leverage the discourse of the elected and those they serve. On this, we now have something in common with China. In China, the government does it. Here, we let private monopolies do it.

The time has come to do with Big Tech what we once did with Standard Oil, the Railroad barons, ATT, IBM, and Microsoft.

  1. Break them up into smaller pieces. Make it possible for smaller companies and startups to compete.
  2. Reign in their practice of gobbling up competitors and stifling competition.
  3. Write a new set of laws that protect the privacy of those who voice their opinion, and the right to tell social media monopolies that their personal data is not to be collected, sold, or used.