Fixing Immigration and the Crisis on the Border

No sovereign country can remain sovereign without secure borders. A country that cannot control its borders cannot control its destiny.

Throughout our history, immigration has helped fuel our economy and make us a vibrant, more prosperous country. But we, and we alone, should decide who comes in and who does not.

Unlike Chuck Grassley, who voted to defund the construction of the border wall, I stand with those who believe we must secure our borders and enforce our visa laws. I stand with those who believe our sovereign nation has the right and an obligation to create an immigration policy that can be enforced.

Once we have done these things, we can sit down and discuss who should be allowed to come in as a guest worker and who is eligible to be put on a path to citizenship.

As Senator, I will defend the safety and security of American citizens and work to create a system where immigrants and the country can help one another prosper.

Senator Grassley Voted to Defund the Border Wall