Saving our Family Farms

Iowa’s family farms are the backbone of our economy.

Our farmers must be allowed to make a living. We must pass trade agreements that increase the value of corn, soybeans, hogs, and cattle. The time has come to abolish the death tax on family farms or we’ll someday see the day when there are none left.

1. China must honor the agreement it made with the Trump Administration to import at least $32 billion more in farm products over the next two years
2. The United States should immediately lift tariffs that block farmers from worldwide friendly parties that could supply more of our farmers’ needs, such as phosphorus in Morocco, and nitrogen and urea fertilizers in Trinidad and Tobago. U.S court of international trade needs to intervene and open these markets. The U.S has created monopolies out of a few fertilizer companies even though there are sources able to supply our farmers in time for planting season.  Less available fertilizer and more expensive fertilizer mean worse crops and or significantly smaller yield. Price increases will have to go up because of the significant price increases for farmers.
3. The U.S should look into emerging resources, such as jet fuel as the future of ethanol. This will mean big money for Iowa farmers and prosperity for the agricultural industry.
4. Our economy is subsistent on the energy we produce, we have to take off the fetters of regulations on our crude oil, coal, and ethanol production. This will foster energy independence which will bring down prices and aid our economy.

The long term solution to this is to make domestic energy more available because natural gas is needed for most fertilizers, especially nitrogen or ammonium-based fertilizers. The immediate solution is to lift needless tariffs so farmers can get the supplies they need and continue to feed the world.

We don’t need someone in Washington who will pretend to be a farmer- we need someone who will make actual farmers and their families a priority. As your Senator, I will listen to you, fight for what you say you need, and work to create a better future for agriculture and for Iowans.