Election Integrity

Never again should millions of Americans be left to question the legitimacy of an election. 

Never again should the political class abdicate its responsibility to investigate and hold hearings when millions of Americans expressed doubts about the process and results of an election. The very people Americans rely on to tell the truth let them down by not seeking the truth. 

We are equal in the words of the constitution and we are supposed to be equal in the eyes of the law. This past election proved we are not. Not when there are different standards about who gets to vote, how they can vote when they are allowed to vote, and who supervises the count when votes are tabulated in the dark of night.

While Chuck Grassley voted to confirm the 2020 election, I stand by my belief that if we do not reform our election laws, we will ensure voter fraud and distrust in the democratic process. Election integrity is essential to a free country and to the peaceful transition of power. We must ensure our systems are fair in order to secure voters’ faith in this vital pillar of our Republic.

Our vote is our voice, and security is key to making sure everyone’s voice is heard. I advocate for paper watermark ballots and a system that allows ballots to be authenticated and counted by hand. We cannot have the vulnerabilities that over-reliance on technology create and which make us more subject to fraud.