Restore the Faith in Our Democracy

Never again should millions of Americans be left to question the legitimacy of an election, or given so many reasons to doubt the veracity of what they were told about who won what state, when and how the votes were counted.
Never again should the political class abdicate its responsibility to investigate and hold hearings when millions of Americans had doubt about the legitimate winner of an election. People we relied on to tell us the truth let us down by not seeking
the truth.
Absent efforts to reform and same the set of rules for all guarantees that the United States will again endure what we just did.
In some states, voter ID is required. Others not.
In some states, ballots are automatically mailed, others not.
In some states, ballot harvesting is permitted, others not.
In same states, drop boxes are common, in others scarce.
In some states, and excuse is needed to vote absentee, in others none.
In some states, ballots are counted if received within two weeks after an election.
In others, they are tossed if not received by election day.
We are equal in the words of the constitution and we are supposed to be equal in the eyes of the law. This past election proved we are not. Not when there are different standards about who gets to vote, how they can vote, when they are allowed to vote, and who supervises the count when votes are tabulated in the dark of night.
The American democracy will crumble if voters lose faith in the integrity of elections and those who count the ballots.