Inflation & Gas Prices

With inflation near a 40-year high and the U.S dollar, which is the world’s form of reserve currency, losing its value, that is first priority right now. To address this, we must address massive government spending. I would not support increased reckless government spending bills that jeopardize our economy. Unlike my opponent, who has voted for $4 trillion in massive government spending over the past 3 years alone, I would advocate balancing the budget and living within our means to bring down inflation, as well as reintroducing competition into monopoly-controlled marketplaces such as healthcare, agriculture, and technology. Competition in the marketplace will lower costs and improve quality for Iowans and for the rest of America. 

Gas prices must also be brought down. Our economy is subsistent on the energy we produce, we have to take off the fetters of regulations on our crude oil, coal, and ethanol production. When energy is cheaper, our economy does better. The answer to lower gas prices is directly tied to crude oil and ethanol production. This will foster energy independence. There also appears to be an expanding market for our ethanol in jet fuel which could also drive down the cost through expanded production. These policies will greatly benefit Iowans, particularly farmers. However, they also the rest of us, including taxpayers in other states because when energy is cheaper, our economy does better.

Grassley Sided with Democrats and Voted for Biden’s Massive Government Spending Bill