The Case for Carlin over Grassley

What Jim Carlin Stands For

What guides my campaign and my life are three basic principles: have faith. Care about people. Trust in God. 

I have been a staunch medical freedom advocate, long before I ran for U.S Senate. 

I am unapologetically pro-life and have aggressively secured passage for meaningful pro-life legislation in Iowa that spread to other states, most notably Texas.

I am a constitutional Republican, defending your second amendment rights to keep and bear arms, and your right to free speech. 

I am a fiscal conservative, with a history of balancing the budget and cutting taxes for Iowans. I oppose reckless government spending and know that inflation, gas prices, and healthcare costs must be brought down to save our nation and bring prosperity to working Americans and seniors. 

I am absolutely an advocate for securing our elections, because your vote is your voice, and if freedom is to endure, We the People cannot be taken out of the democratic process. 

If you are a veteran like myself, I have your back and am committed to working for your needs and well-being. 

I am deeply concerned with issues that affect seniors, as my record proves. Learn more about how I will work to make Social Security solvent, lower drug prices, and make healthcare more affordable. 

I am concerned about the monopolization of agriculture under foreign control and will work to save the small family farm, create energy independence, push for lifting needless tariffs, require China to honor their trade deals with the U.S, explore emerging markets for ethanol, and bring the free market and the voices of farmers back into the agriculture industry. 

I will fight to secure the border. 

I will fight for our national security, which will include repatriating America’s manufacturing base and engaging the economic and military ambitions of China.

I also have a legislative record of defending parental rights, especially in regards to their children’s education, safety, and medical decisions. 

You can learn more about my policy stance on these and other important issues by visiting my website. 

Why Carlin over Grassley? 

It’s simple: Grassley doesn’t represent conservative values in the Senate. Don’t believe me? Just look it up. 

Grassley votes with the Biden agenda over 54% of the time. He has an F rating on the Conservative Review along with prominent Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and AOC. His voting record literally paved the way for medical tyranny. He voted for Biden’s big spending bill, which only gave Iowans .00416% of the total bill in exchange for stealing 11.13% of every dollar they earn. He served Blue Cross Blue Shield, his #1 donor in recent years, and who also has profited significantly from ObamaCare by vowing NOT to repeal ObamaCare despite it hurting Iowans and seniors. Google and big tech companies are among his top 20 donors and he has voted to protect their ability to censor and silence Americans instead of protecting your fundamental right to free speech. Why would Grassley vote like that? Follow the money, and see for yourself how Grassley shares major donors with prominent Senate Democrats like Schumer, Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and others.

After six decades in the Washington swamp, he is not one of us. And his voting record proves it. 

The most common case I’ve heard to keep Grassley is his seniority in Washington- but what good is seniority if it is wielded to advance the far left’s agenda? And the reality is, at 88 years of age, it is unlikely Grassley will finish his term which means Iowans will lose not only his seniority in Washington but also their ability to choose and vote for his replacement to represent them. That job will be left up to the governor- so if Governor Reynolds wins, she will most likely appoint Grassley’s grandson, Pat Grassley (questionable candidate himself- and do we really want more political dynasties in this nation?) or if Governor Reynolds loses reelection, we will have a Democrat Governor appoint a Democrat Senator to fill his seat. June 7th is Iowan’s last chance to have a say in what candidate will actually represent them in the U.S Senate for the entirety of the upcoming term. 

Vote to Change the Direction Our Nation is Headed

We know our nation is headed in the wrong direction. The Senator we have is the Senator who got us here. Chuck Grassley is not the answer: he’s a big part of the problem. Stand up to tyranny by voting out the very people who have caused it. As Steve Deace wrote when he endorsed my campaign, “Grassley has had six decades to put a stop to this evil, and instead, he has too often enabled it. We don’t have any more time as a culture to feed his ego and fulfill his family tree. We have a civilization to save, which is why I’m endorsing Jim Carlin to hopefully help us save it.” 

Vote for your freedoms. Vote for your children. Vote for the future of this great nation- a nation we love so dearly, but that desperately needs We the People to rise up and change the direction it is headed. I believe we are all here for such a time as this. The currency of the ruling political elite is control. Vote to reclaim the voice of We the People in the political process. Vote Jim Carlin for U.S Senate on June 7th. 

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