Grassley Votes with Biden’s Agenda 54% of the Time

On Jan. 11, 2021 — less than a week after voting to certify Joe Biden as President of the United States — Sen. Chuck Grassley said two notable things:

First, he said there is “very little opportunity for (Donald Trump) to lead the Republican Party.”Advertisement

Second, was this gem.

”I think that President Biden’s going to want the Senate to spend their time, at least near-term, getting his Cabinet approved…but longer term, get whatever is on his agenda. And I’m looking forward to what that agenda is.

Read that again…

Grassley explicitly said he was “looking forward” to what Joe Biden’s agenda was.

After 18 months or so, it’s fair to say Biden’s agenda is America Last failing policies.

So, how often has Grassley voted for Biden’s agenda?

According to FiveThirtyEight, Grassley has voted in agreement with Biden’s agenda 54.5 percent of the time.

Only 10 Republican Senators have voted more frequently for Biden’s agenda, and that list includes some real doozies:

Susan Collins (72.7)
Lisa Murkowski (69)
Rob Portman (68.2)
Mitt Romney (61.4)
Lindsay Graham (61.4)
Shelley Capito (58.1)
Mike Rounds (57.9)
Roy Blunt (57.1)
Mitch McConnell (56.8)
Richard Burr (56.4)

Not exactly conservative company. At all.

On the flip side, there have been Republican Senators willing to actually oppose Biden’s agenda.

Josh Hawley (13.6)
Ted Cruz (15.9)
Rick Scott (15.9)
Marsha Blackburn (18.4)
Tom Cotton (18.6)
Rand Paul (22.5)
Mike Lee (23.3)
Tommy Tuberville (25)

Heck, Senator Joni Ernst has voted for Biden’s agenda just 34.1 percent of the time. That’s more than 20 points less frequently than what Grassley has. Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks has voted for Biden’s agenda 20 percent of the time. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson and Congressman Randy Feenstra has done so 16.4 percent of the time.

Clearly Grassley is the outlier when it comes to Iowa’s Republican delegation.

Biden and Grassley worked together for years in the U.S. Senate. You can see Biden swearing in Grassley for his last term in 2017:

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