With the passing of the Texas Heartbeat Bill, which outlaws abortion once a fetal heartbeat has been detected, and the Supreme Court denying a petition for a stay on the law, Iowa State Senator Jim Carlin is cautiously optimistic that this crucial pro life bill may be upheld later on.

Carlin, who is running for United States Senate in 2022, was one of four Iowa Republican Senators in 2018 who refused to pass the state’s budget until the heartbeat bill was brought to the floor. The Iowa Supreme Court halted the law, declaring abortion a fundamental right under the Iowa Constitution. Since then, the Heartbeat bill has been passed in 11 other states, most recently in Texas. 

Now Carlin is teaming up with 60 other lawmakers to ask the Iowa Supreme Court to overturn the 2018 ruling. “It is my earnest hope that the Supreme Court nominees of Donald J. Trump will uphold the heartbeat bill and put America back on a course that respects life,” said Carlin who will take his pro-life stance with him to the federal level. “The ruling this week gives us reason as a nation to hope for a brighter future where all human life is protected and cherished.” 

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