Last week, Senator Chuck Grassley was one of 19 Republicans to join Senate Democrats in voting to advance Biden’s reckless spending bill. Biden’s legislation, which seeks to continue the government spending spree by $1 trillion, comes amidst the national debt nearing $30 trillion and inflation surging to the highest levels in more than a decade.

Senate Democrats have made it clear from the very beginning that the $1 trillion dollar package would pave the way for the rest of Biden’s catastrophic agenda through an even larger $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill that they would pass through reconciliation, which allowed them to avoid a filibuster and pass it without any Republican support. Due to the passing of the initial infrastructure bill, this $3.5 trillion budget plan has already advanced in the Senate.

“The Federal government has been spending at an unsustainable rate,” said State Senator Jim Carlin, who is running to be the next United States Senator from Iowa in 2022. “And how are they going to pay for it? They aren’t. We are. Middle class working families and fixed income seniors will pay the price for a spending spree that devalues their paychecks and ups their living expenses. We don’t need to go on a spending spree with the incomes of hardworking families who have seen their gas prices rise, their businesses go under, and the value of their incomes plummet.”

Democrats have openly linked the passing of the initial bill to the reconciliation bill, enabling the enactment of a Democratic agenda that will fundamentally remake America. This legislation has a cesspool for Senate Democrat priorities, from mass amnesty, to job killing corporate tax increases, to large amounts of money for electric vehicles which will hurt Iowa farmers. “Grassley knew this was the end result all along. His actions are incomprehensible and show a willful disregard for Iowa farmers and families.” Carlin said. “That’s why I’m running for Senate. We need people there who will stand up and act in the best interest of Iowans.”

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